Meet The Team


Sarah is our lead photographer, videographer, and editor. She is blessed to be able to do what she loves full time! She has years of experience in the photography and videography world. 


Tyler is a pastor at First Capital Christian Church. He studied film, audio, and communications in college and has over a decade of experience. Tyler has directed feature film projects and worked on several movie sets as the Director of Photography.


Nick is a proud member of our team. He comes from West Virgina and has worked in the photography and videography business for many years. He also worked with Reverent Film.


Abigail specializes in photography for us. She has a passion for creating beautiful, timeless images. She has a Master's Degree in Spiritual Formation, but spends most of her weekends with us. She also is our primary Senior Picture photographer. 


Jonathan (JV), is one of our main videographers. He has many hours of experience on movie sets, as well as in the wedding world. JV is the most helpful guy you'll ever meet!